Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

As a non for profit organization, KRF needs your support and volunteer help; more so now that we are gearing up for the 1st International Keloid Symposium. This meeting that will be held in September 2016, will be the first ever scientific meeting that is solely dedicated to research and treatment of keloid disorder. KRF needs your help with the following:

1-Spreading the word about the the meeting. You can simply download the meeting flyer and e mail it to all dermatologists, plastic surgeons, ear nose throat specialist, and surgeons. Also, please forward the flyer to all keloid patients that you know. When you forward the flyer, please ask the recipient to forward the flyers to others they know. You can also post the following banner or image on your Facebook page, or other social media and place a link to the meeting website

Meeting Banner

Meeting Information Image

2-Helping with fundraising efforts for the meeting. We need to raise funds to have a successful meeting. Please contact the organizations that you know, or charities, or other resources and ask them to support the meeting. We will post a list of donors on our website.In addition to the above tasks, you can:

Follow this link to review KRF's volunteer opportunities.

Please contact Dr. Tirgan if you are interested in helping us as a volunteer.