Journal of Keloid Research

Keloid Research is an online, open access scientific publication of the Keloid Research Foundation. Until now, keloid manuscripts have been published in a variety of journals. Our goal is to create a centralized publishing platform for all researchers who are passionate about this disorder, so that relevant clinical and laboratory research can be published in one place and under one umbrella. The journal is aiming to provide an international forum for the publication of original work, describing basic science, translational and clinical investigations in keloid disorder.

All articles undergo a rigorous peer review by a select group of physicians and scientists who themselves are passionate about keloid disorder. Final decision to select and publish your work is based on the originality of your findings, the superior quality of your work, and the clarity of your writing and the tools you choose in presenting your data.

Keloid Research provides rapid publication and open access to scientific research. Papers that have been peer reviewed and accepted into Keloid Research, will be fully integrated in our quarterly Keloid Research PRINT.


The ideas and opinions expressed in Keloid Research do not necessarily reflect those of the Keloid Research Foundation (KRF) or the Editors of Keloid Research. Publication of an advertisement or other products that may be mentioned in Keloid Research should not be construed as an endorsement of the product or the manufacturer's claims by KRF. Readers are encouraged to use their own judgment about material presented on this website, or on our printed copy of the journal.

KRF does not assume any responsibility for any injury and/or damage to persons or property arising from or related to the use of any material contained in this journal. The readers are advised to check the appropriate medical literature and the product information that is provided by the manufacturer for each drug that is to be administered. Readers shall verify the dosage, the method and duration of administration, or contraindications of any treatments that may be mentioned in this journal. It is solely the responsibility of the treating physician or other health care professional to rely on his or her independent experience and knowledge of the patient, to determine every drug dosage and the best treatment options for their patients.

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