Jouni Uitto, MD, PhD

Jouni Uitto, MD, PhD

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the passing of our good friend, Dr. Jouni Uitto.

Jouni was Professor and Chair of Dermatology and Cutaneous Biology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia since 1986, the longest tenure of any Chair of Dermatology in the US.

Over his long and very productive career, he authored or co-authored over 970 peer-reviewed articles, including over two dozen focused on keloids, published 358 book chapters, and contributed to over 1,000 abstracts presented at national and international meetings. His publications have been cited nearly 48,000 times in over 26,000 publications to date, demonstrating his tremendous impact on the field of academic dermatology.

In addition to his many scientific contributions, he was passionate about training the next generation of physician-scientists, and he was proud to have trained over a dozen academic dermatologists who went on to become dermatology department chairs throughout the world. He was truly a giant of skin biology.

Jouni was a strong supporter of KRF since 2019. Those of us attending the meeting at Montpellier remember his lively and attentive presence during our meeting.

We will miss him in all our future meetings but in his honor, we will continue what we started in Montpellier, the Annual Jouni Uitto, MD, PhD International Visiting Professorship and Lecture in Molecular Dermatology.